Logo Design & Branding

Your business' identity branding is one of the first things your potential clients see when they visit you online. It could make or break whether they decide to work with you! This is why I provide a brand identity package - to make sure your business is well represented, always.

Do you aspire to increase your brand awareness, thus increasing your leads, prices and sales?

Are you beginning to second guess your DIY approach, looking for something a little more professional and organized? Do you dream of a cohesive brand that is able to effectively convey your qualifications? And finally... are you ready to stand out among the competitors in your field?

Web Design & Upkeep

So you tried to DIY your own website, but it’s not quite right. Or maybe you tried your best, but none of it makes any sense to you. That's why I'm here! I am passionate about building professional, functional websites that are optimized for results.

These days, having a business without an online presence is taking a huge risk! The first thing most people do when looking to work with a business or make a purchase, is an online search. Having a professional website displays the credibility of your business and provides a positive experience for your potential clients. This is why I build websites that not only look amazing – but are fully functional and drive traffic to your business.

The Process

Step 1: To begin, I'll provide a questionnaire to learn about the unique attributes of your business: your mission, clients, reputation, and where you want to take your brand in the future. I will explore the visual identities of your competitors or those you look up to. I’ll then provide a mood/inspiration board and revise based on your feedback. The research part of the process is important as it sets the direction for the designs I will create for you - I need as much info as possible to give you exactly what you're looking for (or better!). 


Step 2: After researching and establishing a design direction, I’ll sketch and refine my ideas until I have a few established logo concepts to show you. Each concept will be applied to mock products to test how it would look for real (if your brand will be displayed on packaging, etc.). Your favourite design will be further refined until it is accepted. You will receive logo files suitable for every application, from print to web, to promotional items and more. This is when website copy is due if you are purchasing a full new brand identity or rebrand. 


Note: I am not a professional copywriter, but if you need help “filling out” a site or brochure, I am a skilled writer and will do my best to assist you. However, this adds more time to the project, so I will charge hourly for it. Things go a lot quicker if content is prepared and edited for me in a PDF or word document.


This process is an investment on your part for the betterment of your business - and I am here to simplify things as much as I can for you. But it's a collaboration between us so you have to show up with your share of the assets needed to get things done quickly and efficiently!

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